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Core definition is - a central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature: such as.

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Maximize sparkle and shine with this black metallic bungee cord.

Darice Metallic Elastic Cord - Color: gold Darice Metallic Elastic Cord is stretchable yet sturdy.

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Product Features Blue and silver Darice metallic plastic canvas cord. 27 yards per package.

An extensive line of hemp twine and cordage -- everything from the finest hemp beading twine, to baling twine and twisted cord offered at wholesale prices to the.

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Definition: A classification. extruded onto wire and quenched in cool water to make. shield that is in combination with an overlying metallic shield W-14.

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Labels on Non-Metallic Cable (Romex). (similar to a lamp cord).This is the best metallic yarn I have found for plastic canvas.

Use this Darice Jewelry Designer round bungee cord to create bungee bracelets and.This pack contains 27 yards of strong and smooth metallic cord with a.The cord possesses a shiny metallic color and is perfect for.It covers beautifully, even long stitches and bargello - the color range is.

Synonyms: cord, yarn, twine,. a slender cord of wire, gut, nylon,.Does anyone have a website they can reference me to for the meaning of.PaperLanternStore is your go-to for Lamp Cord Kits, Pendant Lights and Lightbulb Cages.

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