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The advantages of CT scans are most evident in. for greater definition and.What Are the Differences Between a CAT Scan, a PET Scan and an.

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They are different ways to create pictures of the inside of the body using medical.A CT scan of a limited area of the body or one done without a contrast medium exposes patients to less radiation.

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Pet scans most often use a radioactive form of glucose, the energy source for most of the cells in our bodies.PET scanners are often used in combination with the computed tomography or CT scan in modern PET-CT scan machines. Positron Emission Tomography Scan.

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It can identify normal and abnormal structures, and it can be used to guide procedures.

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See the differences between an MRI vs CAT Scan (also referred to as a CT Scan).PET scan stands for Positron Emission Tomography, an imaging exam that is designed to help reveal the way that the tissues and the organs are functioning.The radiation exposure from a PET-CT scan is similar to a total-body CT scan done with a contrast medium.

Now Cat scan and Pet scan are different, but also related imaging techniques used by the hospital.CT Scan: CT stands for computed tomography, which is a medical imaging technique using two-dimensional X-rays taken in a series and digitally computed, or.These tracers are either swallowed, inhaled, or injected into a vein in your arm depending on what part of the body is being examined.

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PET scan images can provide important information about many disorders that affect the heart, lung, brain, bones, liver etc and will help the doctor plan appropriate.

Unlike other imaging tests, such as CT or MRI scans, a PET scan shows abnormalities within tissues at the cellular level.There is no radiation hazard risk for the patients undergoing an MRI scan.

Find out more about the procedure, whether there are any risks, and the difference between PET, MRI, and CT scans.

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A positron emission tomography (PET) scan shows how organs and.

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The breakdown of these elements leads to the release of energy that is called radiation.The form of the energy (radiation) may differ between different unstable elements.

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This is a medical diagnostic exam that requires the use of a small amount of radioactive material in order for this activity to be apparent.PET scan definition is - a sectional view of the body constructed by positron-emission tomography.The system detects pairs of gamma rays emitted indirectly by a positron-emitting radionuclide (tracer), which is introduced into the body on a biologically active molecule.

Coronal PET scan. 10. Mabel Djang, HMS III Gillian Lieberman, MD. May 2006. Limitations of PET.Ever wonder what the difference between a CAT-scan CT-scan is.

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A PET scan is more sensitive than CT in detecting metastases in non-small cell lung cancer and is a useful test in distinguishing between extensive and limited small cell lung cancer.This course is available through hospitals and post-secondary.I have most of my CT and pet scans on CD and could fedex you a copy before.

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